What is Your Ancestry Quest?

Family Tree Build


Do you really want your family tree researched but just don't have the time or don't know where to start?  We can help research and build your family tree, with citations and documents included. Phew!

Brick Wall


It sure helps to have someone else look at a problem!  Let us be that other set of eyes to troubleshoot or research a brick wall!  Hammers at the ready! 

DNA Connections


Did you just get your DNA results back and are wondering what to do next? Have questions, need answers? Let us help you use your matches to build your tree!

Family Heritage Gift


Whether for an elder, spouse or child - a family tree or family history narrative - is a gift they will cherish forever and pass to generations to come.  It's not too early to think of the anniversary, baby shower or birthday in your loved one's future! 

Repository Visit


Do you need someone to conduct onsite research in New England or the mid-Atlantic region? With your defined research problem, we will provide a comprehensive research report (positive and negative findings), fully cited for your research needs. (Other locations considered based on timing and availability.)

Compiling Not Piling


Do you have an assortment of  documents, notes, family tree segments, stories, etc. and want to have them organized, cited, edited and prepared for personal (or professional) publishing? Let us help! Get that valuable family history out of the boxes and files and piles and into the hands of family!

Professional Assistant


Do you have your own genealogy or family research endeavor but need an assist on a specific project? Let us give you a hand. All work completed according to the Genealogical Proof Standards and your specific requirements. 

Bio Family Mystery


Approximately 2% of Americans are adopted and many aren't certain who one or both of their parents are. One tool in the search could be using a combination of DNA results and genealogical research. We can get you started. All inquiries and research conducted with the utmost sensitivity.

Huh? What does that say?


Swirly great aunt handwriting? Old stained document in difficult script? No time for figuring out such a thing?! Let us transcribe it for you and yours! One less thing on your to do list!

Ancestry Travelogue


Planning a trip to your ancestors' homeland whether across the ocean or just three states over? Wouldn't it be great to have an itinerary and written tour to illustrate your family's history? We'll work closely with you to map out and write up a personalized ancestry travel guide!

Something else?


Run it past us!  If we can't help, we'll do our best to refer you to someone who can!

Ancestral Paternity


Umm - is your genetic grandfather maybe not who you thought it was? Let us help you figure out who he might actually be! We'll use DNA, genealogical research and perhaps a bit of other sleuthing to help you sort it out!